Downtown Businessman Fights Off Robbery Attempt


Citi Jewel Exchange owner  Nasser Silavi resisted knife and pepper spray wielding bandits with help of neighbouring businesses

Last Monday afternoon two men walked into the Citi Jewel Exchange located at the front entrance of the Shaughnessy Mall. One was carrying a knife and the other a can of pepper spray. The men demanded money and jewelry.

Owner Nasser Silavi refused their request and told them to get out. He was then attacked in the face with the pepper spray.

In the ensuing struggle the barbers from Ramis Cut located next store all rushed over. One of the two men was held until the police arrived, the other escaped. The captured man was arrested by the Coquitlam RCMP.

As a result of the pepper spray attack Nasser Silavi had to go to emergency for treatment on his eyes. Otherwise he is in good health and very appreciative of how the neighbouring businesses came to his assistance. Especially the staff from Ramis Cut and Sonny’s Farm Market.

Nothing was taken or damaged but there was a big mess to clean up from the pepper spray. Even worse was the finger printing powder the RCMP used to identify the would be robbers.

Citi Jewel Exchange had just recently reopened after being a victim of the fire further down Shaughnessy St. two summer’s ago.

Running a business is hard enough without incidents like this one. Please show your appreciation and support these great Downtown PoCo business.

Citi Jewel Exchange

Ramis Cut Barber

Sonny’s Farm Market


2540 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 3W4, Canada

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