The Port Coquitlam Emergency Services Program has been honoured as a finalist for an international award through DRII (Disaster Recovery Institute International).

This award is for the work that was done with our business community on developing relationships and building out a Recovery Directory. All of this work was done to ensure we have an understanding of what resources and services we have here in our own community and then being able to refer to the directory in times of activation as a resource guide. We have completed multiple workshops, send out surveys, developed a recovery tool and built relationships with our business community in order to mitigate disasters and plan for economic recovery.


Awards of Excellence | DRI International

Each year at the DRI International annual conference, the Awards of Excellence program honors the leaders and innovators in the fields of continuity management, technology recovery, and crisis and risk management.

About Emergency Support Services

Emergency Social Services (ESS) provides short-term assistance to British Columbians who are forced to leave their homes because of fire, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. This assistance includes food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and family reunification.

The City of Port Coquitlam has a core of active volunteers who are at the heart of the city’s Emergency Preparedness Program. Many of these volunteers are trained in emergency social services and are available to assist in the event of a disaster or evacuation.