Amanda Todd’s Cyberbully Receives Maximum Sentence

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Dutch Court hands Aydin Coban 11 year sentence for fraud and blackmail via the Internet relating to the online harassment of 34 girls and five men including Port Coquitlam’s Amanda Todd


Dutch court hands Amanda Todd’s cyberbully maximum sentence

Justice officials in British Columbia have vowed to continue their pursuit of the man accused of cyberbullying and blackmailing Port Coquitlam teenager Amanda Todd after a Dutch court on Thursday sentenced him to almost 11 years in prison for separate but nearly identical crimes against dozens of people.


Accused in Dutch cyberbullying case gets maximum sentence

The messages started rolling in at 4 a.m. Thursday: Carol, wake up. Carol, court is starting, wake up. It’s happening. In a Winnipeg hotel room, Carol Todd rubbed drowsy eyes, turned on her phone and began scrolling through the tweets from friends and reporters inside the Dutch courtroom where Aydin Coban, the Dutchman charged with targeting online nearly three dozen girls and five adult gay men around the world, was about to hear his fate.


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