Cape Horn Interchange Closed Due to Accidents

BC News Video of accident on Cape Horn Interchange causing closure.

Coquitlam RCMP has reopened all parts of the Cape Horn interchange after this morning’s icy conditions caused two closures.


Both an onramp and an offramp were closed around 6:30 this morning after multiple collisions involving at least 20 vehicles. There were no serious injuries but police had to make sure that no one else got hurt.

The icy conditions are now gone but stay tuned to your local news media of choice to avoid any congestion that may have been caused by the closures.

Remember, at this time of year you need to make sure your vehicle is road-ready including good winter tires. Even if you have a good winter vehicle you should make sure your following distance is double what it would be under normal conditions. The safest solution is to avoid driving in icy conditions- especially if you are under-prepared.

Coquitlam RCMP is asking the public to avoid the Cape Horn interchange until icy conditions clear up.

There have been multiple collisions in the area since just before 6:00 this morning involving at least 20 vehicles. Even emergency vehicles and tow trucks are having trouble in the ice. Police have shut the United Boulevard offramp to eastbound Lougheed Highway and the Cape Horn onramp to eastbound highway one until conditions improve.

We are asking the public to avoid driving in the area. Local news outlets are a good resource for finding an alternate route.