The award-winning BC company was among the first businesses in Canada to triple offset its identified carbon emissions (CO2e), and to offset all employee households.

For Earth Day 2018, Finger Food and CEO Ryan Peterson are taking a stand. “We can’t do business if we don’t have a planet to do business on,” said Finger Food CEO, Ryan Peterson.

Situated in Port Coquitlam, BC, Finger Food is a growing force in the tech industry that is committed to positive change for industry, community, and the environment. For the third year in a row, Finger Food is working with Offsetters, a local sustainability & carbon management group to triple offset its carbon footprint.

For the last two years, the company has achieved designated Carbon Positive status by triple offsetting the company’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 transport emissions, and offsetting all of its 120+ employee households. The company is currently undergoing its carbon audit for 2017.

On discovering that employee commuting is the largest contributor to the company’s 172.2 COe2 tonne carbon footprint, Peterson was adamant. “It’s time to take action. We need real alternatives – electric vehicles, ride sharing, improved transit systems,” said Peterson.

“The number one contributor to carbon footprint is gas powered vehicles. We have the technology to make substantial change for the benefit of the planet. We need to move forward with real solutions.”

Jae Mather, Director of Sustainability at Carbon Free Group called Finger Food “a vision of what a truly sustainable organization can be. The intent is on changing the game, where commercial strategy is sustainable strategy.”

Finger Food has committed to doing more than neutralizing their carbon footprint and instead going beyond to have a positive impact. Many of the company’s software solutions for clients like Enbridge and PACCAR have also helped to improve their client companies’ environmental impact. Finger Food has also recently applied to become a designated Fair Trade Workplace.

Peterson is calling on other Canadian companies to join Finger Food and take this important step to reduce their carbon footprint.  “I challenge every BC business to become Carbon Positive and we are very happy to offer guidance on taking those important first steps.”