Re: Stabbing in Downtown PoCo

I don’t want to overreact to one incident but many people probably heard about the daylight stabbing of a woman in downtown Port Coquitlam related to a purse snatching. I am more than concerned about the negative feelings many residents and businesses have about safety in downtown PoCo. Vehicle break ins, open drug deals, deadbeats hanging around is becoming too common. I want our downtown to be reclaimed as a place for families and our residents. Our downtown action plan identifies this as a top issue and will help address it, but I think we need something more dramatic and immediate. All options are on the table and my ears are wide open! Your thoughts?

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Despite the “nothing to see here” attitude of some folks – this is the reality unfortunately. Found yesterday in the parking spaces of one of our local businesses.

If you can’t acknowledge an issue exists it’s pretty hard to fix it.


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