Here are some pictures and videos of the 2018 Port Coquitlam Rotary May Day Parade. Thanks to the City of Port Coquitlam, Bryan Ness and Laura Thomas.



If Deadpool can have a sequel, I think the Poco May Day Parade is worthy too! First photo up is Mayor Greg Moore thanking Bob Lee, chair of the May Day Task Force for another successful May Day co-ordinated by Bob and his Team.


Port Coquitlam’s annual May Day Parade took place Saturday, as usual half the town was in the parade, as the other half watched. Of the 650 photos I took, hopefully these 42 do justice to another great event put on by the City of Port Coquitlam and it’s citizens!


WARNING: This is not a collection of photo’s, it is an experience. Put on your favorite beat, turn it up loud & prepare to parade!

Images by Laura Thomas of Dandelion Wrangler Photography from the 2018 Port Coquitlam May Day parade.


Multiculturalism, eco themes for May Day parade

The Rotary May Day parade last Saturday morning started with a pre-show from the VPD Motorcycle Drill Team. Multiculturalism and eco-friendly displays joined the Vancouver Police Department’s motorcycle drill team and dignitaries for the annual Rotary May Day parade last Saturday.