WAH -HOO !! PORT Coquitlam !

In true community spirit I am seeking re-election for a 6th term to serve on our PORT Coquitlam city council .

Both inspirational plans and challenging issues are ahead for the next 4 year term of our Hometown council.

From the completion of our fabulous Community Recreation Complex to the redevelopment of Downtown to the delivery of services in policing, fire, roads, pipes, parks, and solid waste, our council team must continue to be diligent in our control of spending to keep PORT Coquitlam to the lowest tax increase in the region. 

We need to focus on the efficient delivery of services within our mandate and avoid getting drawn into spending your tax dollars on expensive issues that are the mandate of other levels of government. 

Municipal governance is about Community !!

As part of a 3rd generation POCO family, I would appreciate your support in continuing to bring a passionate sense of Community to your City Council !

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