Article in the Tyee on Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie and Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore discussing their futures at an event hosted by the Vancouver-based Urban Development Institute.

Some Excerpts:

That could involve “maybe some paid gig with some of you,” he said.

“Ditto,” said outgoing Port Coquitlam mayor Greg Moore, who was also part of the UDI panel. “We want to try to bring value to the development process. We know what it’s like to sit at this side of the table and what politicians are thinking going through that process,” Moore explained. “So I think there’s something there.”


Moore went on. “Not only does it help the developer so they can move forward with their process in a more streamlined approach, but I also I think it helps with the community because we’ve sat on the other side listening to residents.”

I asked Moore if he worried that some of his constituents would consider him a sell-out for going to work with developers. “I have no doubt people will say that, I think it’s unfortunate,” he said.

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