Questions to Mayor and Council Candidates from PoCo Soccer.

  1. In your opinion, what role does sport play in our Poco Community?
  2. Q2 – Do you think that city run sports programs are adequately funded on a per capita
    basis, efficiently run and serving the needs of Port Coquitlam residents first and foremost?
  3. Do you agree with the statement “Youth sports promotes a safe, healthy, liveable
  4. In comparison to other Metro Vancouver municipalities do you believe Poco has
    above, below, or approximately average quantity and quality of facilities per capita for sports.
  5. Many fields in Poco are in need of attention due to issues such as poor drainage, or the
    Chaeffer Beatle among others. Staff do a wonderful job with limited resources. How
    would you support a comprehensive plan to both improve field maintenance and upgrade our playing surfaces?
  6. Would you consider allowing clubs to sell advertising space at our home venues as a
    way to offset rental fees?
  7. Will you support the priority installation of a 3rd Synthetic Turf field at Gates Park?

See answers in pdf below or visit PoCo