From the Riverside’s Eddy an article by Riley Birchak examining the contenders in the October 20th Port Coquitlam Election.

The importance of voting in municipal elections cannot be stressed enough

October 20 is municipal election day. On this day, people will head to the polls to vote for their town mayor, school trustees, and members of their city council. Many people will only vote in Provincial or Federal elections, but it is very important to vote in municipal elections. A lot of decisions are made at the local level: decisions about local parks and facilities, local housing, taxes, and even decisions about the schools that we attend are made at the municipal level. Many of the issues that we hear people complain about on daily basis are decisions that are made at the local level, so it is very important to vote in municipal elections.

On October 20, Port Coquitlam will elect one mayor, six city councilors and two school trustees. Greg Moore, our current mayor, is not running for re-election. The mayor is the most important position in municipal elections; there are four mayoral candidates running this year.

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