As the dust settles from the municipal election, I wanted to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to a number of special people who made it all possible for me.

To my amazing wife and partner in everything, Blaire West. Thank you for your love, support and guidance. There is simply no way I could do any of this without you. I am so lucky to be by your side – and our special little guy is so lucky to have the best mom in the world.

Elections have become a real family affair for us and my number ones have always been my sister Brittney, brother-in-law Chris, my grandma Shirley, step-dad Brian and of course my mom Kelly. I can’t thank them all enough for everything they have given me. My mom is my hero and role model who taught us through her own quiet example the values of hard work, sacrifice, responsibility and family. I’m very proud to be a mama’s boy.

To all my colleagues who were re-elected, Laura, Darrell, Glenn and Dean I offer my sincere congratulations and I look forward to continuing our work together for the community we all love. It has truly been a pleasure to serve on Council together and I’m very proud of our accomplishments and excited for the work we still have to do.

I’m also excited to welcome to “Team PoCo” Steve and Nancy who I know will make positive contributions to our Council and community. They are both passionate about this city and our residents and I’m looking forward to them joining us in the important work that lies ahead.

I want to thank Mayor Greg Moore and his family for their significant service to Port Coquitlam and the impactful and positive legacy they’ve created. There is no doubt that Mayor Moore leaves big shoes to fill and I’m thankful that his counsel and advice will only be a phone call away.

The toughest part of elections is losing the best people and Mike Forrest is one of the best. Mike has been a mentor to me and hugely important part of Council. His voice on issues is respected, impactful and principled. Mike and Karen are Port Coquitlam through and through and you would be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about this community. But being on Council has only been one part of the Forrest family’s involvement and service to this community and I know it will continue on.

Finally, thank you to all the residents of Port Coquitlam for giving me the honour of serving as this amazing city’s next Mayor. I approach this role with humility, seriousness and the upmost respect. You have placed your trust in me, and I will work each and every day to be worthy of it.

Thank you, Port Coquitlam. Let’s get started.