Question to Mayor and Council Candidates

With the legalization of pot what are your ideas to control and prevent exposure of this product within our youth groups? (Wayne Marklund)

Shakeel Gaya

The legalization of marijuana will bring issues and opportunities with it . Access to the substance must be controlled as is being done with tobacco at present.
The risks of driving while under the effect of marijuana must be effectively communicated with the youth . It will be a challenge as the youth already have access to it but as responsible adults we must work with strategies to minimize the potential for harm. Consultation with youth groups and and stake holders must be conducted so that all parties feel a part of the situation .

Jami Watson Roberts

Like alcohol, we must continue to support education in schools of the dangers.

We desperately need to look at the root of usuage in our youth and their mental health. Marijuana is a small part of a larger problem. The boundaries that the current council have proposed are like liquor boundaries and I support their current plan.
Accessibility to mental health, housing, extra circular activities is the problem in our youth not exposure to pot, in my opinion.

Darrell Penner

his is I believe no different then alcohol in our society.. Youth has been able to access alcohol for as long as I can remember. And what I have read and hear is that it is easier for youth to get pot then alcohol now.

It is illegal for minors to get alcohol and it will be illegal for minors to get pot.
Retail pot stores should have the same requirements to open a as a liquor store does. These rules,applied to pot retail store ,would have the same results as far as location and the number of stores.
A rezoning application would have to be submitted (if it met all the criteria) and would and will be subject to a public hearing.. this would ensure the community would its say on weather they accepte the application or reject for their nieghbour hood

Steve Darling

Legalization of cannabis will provide a challenge to every municipality.

Current legislation requires that it cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 19. This is similar legislation that governs the purchase of alcoholic beverages. We have to provide greater education to our youth; through youth leaders schools, churches, sports organizations and of course, parents. Ensuring that our police officers are working in the community and in our schools to enforce the current legislation so we are able to set a standard of behaviour with cannabis within our community of PoCo.

Robert Delagiroday

To control and prevent exposure of marijuana products will require a two-level implementation:

The provincial government needs to have a regulatory and investigative body in place to monitor sales and distribution of pot products. If the Attorney General’s office is on the ball, they will incorporate pot regulating into the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. LCLB has the regulatory framework, and the logistics to effectively monitor sales of an age-prohibitive product. This will all rely on the strength of regulations put in place.

On a more local level the city needs to create a bylaw framework, similar to the cigarette smoking bylaws, that will restrict exposure of pot to those who want to avoid it. These restrictions will need to evolve over time as the issue manifests. The rights of people not to be exposed to pot have to be upheld at least as much as the rights of those who want to use pot.

Dawn Becker

Education is one facet of how cannabis can be dealt with for people of all ages. Education for youth and families on how cannabis may affect an individuals health, life, school and work is important.

Glenn Pollock

I think we need to limit the number of dispensaries/cannabis stores we allow and I believe the Provincial Government will be doing a ton of education around the use of cannabis. I think we should distribute the educational materials in all Public Buildings and encourage SD #43 to do so as well.

Justin Traviss

Having marijuana legalized will cut the exposure youth have to criminal elements. Legalization will require distributors to ask for 2 pieces of ID to ensure that the buyer is over 19. In order to effectively control the use of cannabis I will evaluate the bylaws concerning smoking in public and have a clear line of communication with bylaw officers and the RCMP to understand what areas still need improvement. Community youth, community health workers, and school staff need to have the support of council regarding the education of our new cannabis laws in order to properly inform youth about cannabis and its effects.

Eric Hirvonen

Legalization likely will bring more open public use in more public places, tobacco has its regulations , same will marijuana to be sure.
Youth need education about health along with other studies curriculum but of course and exposure to its’ smoke second hand is the crux.
Of course most people will avoid smoking in presence of children without doubt. The actual second hand smoke will pose challenges, pragmatically chance is good a solution will present.