Question to Mayor and Council Candidates

What do you envision your impact and changes would be on Port Coquitlam after 4 years or more if you succeed? (Arman Brah)

Shakeel Gaya

I would like PoCo to be moving towards a city with some character where all people are welcomed and live in harmony . There should be better town planning which will enable us to get sky train reducing traffic congestion and pollution. The saved land would then be used for green spaces with access for all including seniors. The increase in housing will lead to greater revenue for the city to spend on development of the city infrastructure. Some of the fiscal benefits should be shared with small business to encourage more businesses. Part of the revenue could be used for artistic endeavors in the city .

Jami Watson Roberts

My impact if I am city councillor is to protect the current 500 acres of farmland we have left here in Port Coquitlam and hopefully bring all the willing land owners together to create a vision of its future. The city needs to have the ability to grow its own food and support local farmers.

I also would like to have more schools with school habitat gardens. The grants and funding to support outdoor classrooms are there and I would spending my time find willing teachers and administrators.

Glen Pollack’s initiatives in housing is something I support and would love to learn from him while supporting his visions for housing in Port Coquitlam. Brad West’s platform on housing is something I would like to be a part of and work as a team to implement.

For many years I advocated for the future of the Pickton property. I still consider myself part of that conversation. Now or 20 years from now.

Darrell Penner

I would continue to ensure that the tax payers are getting their money’s worth. We have one of the lowest taxes per capital in all of metro Vancouver and have high quality services and facilities..

Steve Darling

This is a very broad question but I will try and answer it this way. The changes that I am hoping to accomplish in PoCo when I elected to council would be as follows:

  • We would have had a positive impact on housing affordability by increasing density in through intelligent and creative development that retained the charm of our city while providing a good supply and variety of housing options that residents could afford.
  • We would have a revitalized and vibrant downtown core that attracted a variety of businesses that were thriving in a pedestrian friendly environment. Residents of Port Coquitlam would be spending their hard earned dollars in PoCo for goods, services and entertainment and more jobs would be created. Neighbors from other municipalities would be seeking out PoCo businesses. We would have an improved business climate so our industrialized areas are developed and are able to provide good paying jobs so residents could work closer to home.
  • We would have the safest community in the lower mainland because of our police professionals and civilian engagement, encouraging community policing to prevent crime proactively rather than responding reactively. Being able to see and know the officers who patrol your neighborhood and our many recreational trails and parks. A safe community is a secure community and PoCo residents will feel secure in PoCo.
  • We would have extra ice sheets, more turf fields and a recreation centre that is not only state of the art but offers state of the art programming that benefits infants to seniors and everything in between. Our facilities can be utilized by children from our local schools and it would allow us to attract major youth tournaments in a variety of sports. The venues are also capable of hosting arts and cultural events including concerts These events will generate revenue for the city of PoCo and for our local businesses which will benefit each resident in PoCo..

Robert Delagiroday

If I am elected, I fully intend to use the first four years to engage the provincial government and lobby for more social programming for our citizens. I know the programs are available, and that we are not getting our money’s worth in PoCo, because I wrote many of those programs. I will also engage the BC and federal governments to invest in infrastructure in PoCo. This is long overdue and we as taxpayers deserve to have our infrastructure needs met. Revitalization and improvement of our two older business districts, Shaughnessy and Prairie, is necessary. Improved access to the community from Pitt River and Lougheed, and Westwood and Kingsway, are also required. I also want to work toward improving our business districts, through better zoning and licensing decisions or incentive programs, to create a more lively and prosperous business community.

So, to me, a successful four years will look like this: Fewer homeless people and addictions issues in PoCo, a stronger and more varied business community, and infrastructure improvements under way.

Eric Hirvonen

After two years PoCo will have counter GHG vegetation thruout the public areas
After four years in office residents will be breathing easy knowing there is water meter exemption on residential

Dawn Becker

After four years as a member of a team serving Port Coquitlam, I would hope communication, transparency, and hard work would be my legacies.

Glenn Pollock

I’d like my legacy to be three things; more affordable housing, more family doctors and more recreational infrastructure. In a perfect world the affordable housing would go a long way towards alleviating the homelessness issue.

Justin Traviss

My first overall goal as a councillor would be to improve the efficiency of transit by working closely with Translink, so that people can get to transit hubs and use our roads more effectively. Secondly, I hope to ensure that Port Coqutilam keeps improving on its small-town charm and green areas while facing the ongoing pressures of densification.  Lastly, the affordability needs to be addressed within our city for both people that have lived here for a long time and those that are just moving in. I want to make Port Coqutilam as affordable as possible so that we allow families that wish to stay or those that want to move in to be able to do so.