Here are some post and tweets made by candidates, supporters and media of the 2018 Port Coquitlam Election for Mayor, Council and School Trustee. More will be added as they become available.

BALDREY: New mayors may throw wrench in NDP machine

The outcome of the municipal elections in Metro Vancouver will undoubtedly have a serious impact on the provincial political scene in a number of instances. For example, NDP MLA Leonard Krog’s successful bid for the Nanaimo mayor’s job creates a gaping hole on the NDP’s governing benches.

PoCovotes2018: West hits ground running

After crushing his competition to become the youngest mayor in Port Coquitlam history, Brad West was asked on election night what the first thing he would do as mayor-elect come Monday morning. “I’ll be taking my son to daycare,” he replied. “Which,” he said Monday, “is exactly what I did at 7 a.m.”

Darling, McCurrach council newbies

On election night, Nancy McCurrach made history for herself and Port Coquitlam. McCurrach was elected to Port Coquitlam city council, snagging the sixth and final spot ahead of 13 other candidates. Her election, along with that of the top vote getter, incumbent Laura Dupont, means Port Coquitlam for the first time will have more than one woman sitting at the council table.

Voters send 3 newcomers to SD43 board of education

An injection of new blood around the School District 43 board of education table could provide some lively discussion in the coming weeks as retirements and one election upset put newcomers into trustee seats. In Coquitlam, newcomer Jennifer Blatherwick polled second after incumbent Carol Cahoon while another incumbent, Barb Hobson, returned to the board, to be joined by another newcomer, Craig Woods.



Greg Moore on Twitter

Congratulations to Mayor Elect @BradWestPoCo and Councillors @LDupont4Poco , Darrell Penner, @PoCoGlenn , @DeanWashington , @stevedarling and @Nancy_McCurrach I also want to thank Mike Forrest @tugboatin for his dedication and energy to the City of PoCo.


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Nancy Mccurrach on Twitter

I am humbled to have been elected onto @CityofPoCo City Council! First time ever having two women on PoCo City Council! Congrats to @BradWestPoCo elected Mayor; & @LDupont4Poco @PoCoGlenn @DeanWashington @stevedarling and Darrell Penner as Councillors!


Jami Lynn Watson on Twitter

Didn’t get a seat but proud of those 1328 votes. Not bad considering I spent $111 on my campaign. Running for Port Coquitlam city councillor has been an incredible experience. Congratulations to the candidates who won & a BIG Thank you to those who cheered me on! #PortCoquitlam

Laura Dupont on Twitter

Thank you @jamibee3 and to all the candidates who stepped up to run. Takes courage and commitment to community 🙏🏻

Terri L. Evans on Twitter

PortCoquitlam doubles number of women on council, from 1 to 2 (@LDupont4Poco, McCurrach). #Coquitlam council is 1/3 women (Mandewo, @TeriTownerCllr , @BonitaZarrillo), and #portmoody ‘s council is majority women (@DianaDilworth , @MeghanLahti , @amy_lubik, @ZoeRoyer.

Poco Saints lax on Twitter

Congrats to the new @CityofPoCo council @BradWestPoCo @stevedarling @PoCoGlenn @DeanWashington @LDupont4Poco @Nancy_McCurrach #Darrell Penner and thank you @GregMooredotca for your time as mayor




Irvine Elemen. PAC on Twitter

Congratulations to all the candidates on a great campaign & to our 2 elected Irvine parents @stevedarling & @ThomasFromPoCo! #PoCoVotes2018


#POCOvotes2018: It’s Mayor West for Port Coquitlam

Brad West is the youngest mayor in the history of Port Coquitlam. Tonight (Saturday), the 33-year-old former councillor trounced his three opponents to clinch the top job previously held by Mayor Greg Moore, who did not run for re-election.

Metro Vancouver’s youngest mayors elected in the Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES (NEWS 1130) – There was an upset and a landslide in the Tri-Cities, as it elected two of the youngest mayors in Metro Vancouver. The upset in Port Moody saw two-term mayor Mike Clay lose to his only challenger: one-term city councillor, Rob Vagramov.

Tri-cities Election Results: Young mayors elected in Port Coquitlam and Port Moody

Coun. Brad West won the mayoral race in Port Coquitlam and Rob Vagramov beat incumbent Mike Clay in Port Moody, becoming the two youngest mayors in the Lower Mainland. “It’s cool,” said West. “But both in council and in this campaign, I have never identified myself as the young one because I think the issues I am speaking out about apply to all voters, regardless of age.