Ms. Shirra,

You yourself have justed quoted the Trustee’s code of ethics where an elected Trustee must pledge to act on behalf of the School Board and the children and families of the District. You are suggesting that I would ignore such a pledge because I was once a member of CUPE, a membership I was required to have if I wanted to work as part of the support staff in SD43. You are directly attacking my integrity and to this, I take offence. CUPE and the New Westminster and District Labour Council have chosen to endorse candidates at every level of municipal politics as long as I can remember. This is not something new. As for me, I am proud that I have been endorsed by these two groups as they see me as a candidate for the people, a like minded thinker that wants to do the very best job I can for the families, students and staff in our school district. As for the possibility of being influenced by ANY group, anyone who knows me at all knows that I am of strong will and proudly speak my mind without hesitation. One thing I would never do however, would be to malign my colleagues, and make accusations of people on social media as you seem to enjoy doing. Very disappointing but unfortunately not surprising.

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To The Voting Public and CUPE 561 Members;