Passersby Resuscitate Port Coquitlam Accident Victim


Two passersby resuscitated a Port Coquitlam man who was hit by a semi-trailer.

Matt Burnett and Jeremy Scholing, both 23, heard the impact of the crash as they were driving home to Abbotsford along the Lougheed Highway around 2:30 a.m. PT. “We just heard a bang … and it looked like someone laying there,” said Scholing.

They immediately pulled over and ran to the prone man, who wasn’t breathing, they said.

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‘I just wanted to see him breathing’: Passersby resuscitate man hit by semi-trailer | CBC News

Friends Matt Burnett and Jeremy Scholing performed CPR on the man, with the help of 911, after he was hit while crossing the Lougheed Highway.