News 1130 has a story about Port Coquitlam firefighter Will Brodie and the importance of Movember for raising money for prostrate cancer and mental health.

Port Coquitlam firefighter Will Brodie says the month of November is a good time for men, but especially first responders, to focus on their mental health. Brodie says they need to be reminded they’re not in it alone.

“Our department is very progressive in making sure that we have a mental health team that, if any time after a bad call, they’re able to initiate that team to come to their aid,” he explains.

Brodie points out the First Responder Resiliency Program has been invaluable in starting conversations. “So, that’s helped get into the halls and work with the [British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters Association] and, yeah, they started the initiative of, like, ‘Share It, Don’t Wear It.’”

Brodie feels good physical health is central to good mental health, as many of his colleagues work out not just to stay in shape, but to handle the mental rigours of their jobs. “Lots of guys go to the gym, or play hockey in order to get rid of that stress and then, with that, we’re all together and able to talk about calls that we have that have affected us or stuff that’s going on at home that stresses us out.”

You can donate to John’s Movember campaign here.

Share it, don’t wear it: how Movember helps first responders open up

Vancouver (NEWS 1130) – We know some men have a hard time talking about their problems, especially first responders, whose job it is to be strong for others. Movember is all about changing that. The annual moustache-growing fundraiser helps not only prostate cancer research but other men’s health initiatives.