A survey conducted by homehealthcareshoppe.com with the help of SWNS media has a piece of advice for the new generation from grand parents.

  • Grow up naturally and let nature take its own course
  • Family is the most important tool in helping you shape your future
  • Failure is the first step to success. If you plan on doing something in your life, then always plan to accept failure.
  • Time is very important element for success. If you are not early by 10 minutes, then you are late.
  • Listening is a very important tool for learning and next important tool is watching your surroundings and watching.
  • You never get a second chance for first impression.
  • Remember to speak your words carefully and live by them.
  • Hear your heart it always gives the first signal.

Most of us have a brief interaction with our grand parents but the learnings they provided us left a lasting impression in our lives. The news survey conducted by one poll on behalf of homehealthcareshoppe.com has shown that being thankful ranks as being the number one thing we learn from our grandparents. 1 in 3 stated that they were close to their grandparents and 95% North Americans feel that grand parents should have a healthy and an independent life.

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