Dec. 7 – 20 CompStat Alert Dowtown Port Coquitlam


From Reeve St in the West to Mary Hill Rd in the east and from Whyte Ave in the north to Lobb Ave in the south.

Criminal activity in this hotspot during the reporting time frame:

Tips for protecting yourself against crimes listed above:

Break-in to businesses:

  • Provide staff with customer service training.
    Friendly staff who greet and talk with customers can deter would-be criminals.
  • Install a quality security system and use it.
  • Avoid covering windows with advertisements to allow passerbys a view into your business.
  • Learn more ways to protect your business.

Vehicle crime:

If you see something…say something


Coquitlam RCMP – 2018-12-06 CompStat Alert

2018-12-06 CompStat Alert