A Global News story about an RCMP investigation into “transnational drug trafficking” has a Port Coquitlam connection.

56-year-old Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan… is one of the so-called “whale” gamblers that investigators have connected to alleged massive cash deliveries at Richmond’s River Rock Casino from 51-year-old Paul King Jin, according to allegations in 2015 Lottery Corp. investigation documents.

Jin is the primary target of RCMP investigations, and police suspect Jin’s cash deliveries to high-rollers were related to “transnational drug trafficking,” the documents allege.

According to police sources, RCMP suspect a Chinese transnational gang connected to Jin and his associates are dominating the deadly fentanyl trade in Canada, and they are laundering criminal proceeds in Metro Vancouver casinos, real estate, and luxury vehicles.

Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan owns the Tiger Arms Gun & Shooting Supply store in Port Coquitlam

Tiger Arms in Port Coquitlam is one of many firearms retailers that is owned by Chinese nationals or permanent residents. The owner is possibly still a colonel in the PLA,” one source said, using the acronym for the People’s Liberation Army.


Global News could not confirm that Tiger Yuan was linked to the Chinese army, and has not yet been able to reach Tiger Yuan for comment on this story.

But in a phone interview, a man who described himself as a manager of Tiger Arms, confirmed much of the information that police sources point to about Tiger Yuan’s background and the Chilliwack compound.

“I have heard from some of his friends that he is a war hero,” said the Tiger Arms employee, who asked not to be named.

Yuan spends a lot of time in Mainland China and the United States, and almost never visits his gun shop in Port Coquitlam, the employee said.

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High-roller targeted in RCMP’s probe of alleged ‘transnational drug trafficking’ ring

On a country road in British Columbia’s Chilliwack Valley, a Chinese VIP gambler has spent years constructing a compound of incredible wealth, according to witnesses and sources with access to police intelligence. If it was in Colombia or Mexico, the secluded five-acre property on Chadsey Road might pass for the set of a Netflix narcos drama.

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