Once the holiday season is behind us, Port Coquitlam residents only need to make one stop to recycle their Christmas tree, lights, gift packaging, plastic bags, Styrofoam, light bulbs and batteries at the City of Port Coquitlam’s annual Tree Chipping and More Event.

The event takes place January 5-6, from 9 am-4 pm at the Port Coquitlam Fire Hall #1, (1725 Broadway St.) There is a $5 minimum donation to benefit the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. Call 604.927.5405 for information or to arrange pick-up service (minimum $10 donation).

Firefighters donate their time for this event and all wood chips created are used in city parks and trails. Styrofoam and old Christmas lights can be brought to the event for recycling, for a donation to the Burn Fund.

The City’s Ambassadors will also be at the event collecting plastic bags, batteries, light bulbs, wrapping paper and packaging and dropping off to local depots.

Residents are requested not to drop off any items outside of these days. 

Put it in your green cart:

Trees without tinsel or chemical sprays can also be chopped up and placed in City green carts in pieces that are up to 3” in diameter and 40” long. Watch a video on how to do it below.

The chopped-up trees and other yard trimmings and food scraps go to a regional composting facility to be turned into soil amendments for topsoil.

For more information or to view videos on tree chipping and disposing of your tree in your green cart, visit www.portcoquitlam.ca/green.

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